The ‘Love Island Effect’

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So I’ll admit it, I don’t watch Love Island. Sorry. I know that if I did watch it then I’d probably get completely hooked and give up any social life that I currently have (which for an introvert, isn’t that much anyway) for the next 8 weeks. As I don’t watch the show, I actually […]


Is Barbie a Feminist Icon (surely not…)?

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The Barbie doll is a controversial topic. So to add to that, what if I said that I think Barbie could be viewed as a feminist icon? The original Barbie was created by a woman called Ruth Handler, she wanted to make a doll for her daughter that could serve as an adult role model […]


Let’s Figure Out What This is Then…

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So this is fun- a blog. But a blog about what? I mean, I’m still asking myself the same question. You can probably guess from the title that most of my posts will be around the topics of feminism and being an introvert. There might be a few cheeky posts that aren’t related to either […]