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Other Random Stuff / Saturday, April 14th, 2018

So this is fun- a blog.

But a blog about what? I mean, I’m still asking myself the same question. You can probably guess from the title that most of my posts will be around the topics of feminism and being an introvert. There might be a few cheeky posts that aren’t related to either of those subjects (WARNING: I completely adore Christmas, so come December time, it will heavily feature) but they will all be things that I’m passionate about and believe strongly in.

I’m not starting a blog to make money or become famous, I’m starting a blog because I love to write; I may not be any good at it, but I can try! I love writing about things that I really care about, that’s what excites me most. I’m partly blogging so that I can just have a space to write all my thoughts and get them down on paper (yes, I know this isn’t paper… it’s a computer screen), but also so that the few who may read my blog could be educated on the matters that mean most to me and be encouraged by what they read, sparking a thought or opinion that they didn’t realise they had. I love to read a book, article or blog post that by the end leaves me feeling empowered and challenges me in some way. I’m not counting on it, but I would love it to be the same for someone who reads my blog.

So why did I initially start a blog? Well actually I initially started writing a book. Again, I wasn’t planning on getting it published or becoming a well-known author; I just love to write. So then why did I start a book? As an introvert (oh by the way, I’m an introvert, if you haven’t already guessed) when I recharge, I do this by myself and I spend most of my evenings after work at home, probably watching TV. If that sounds ‘sad’ or like ‘I don’t have a life’, believe me, this is where I get all my energy from and is actually my favourite part of the day. This equates to me watching a LOT of TV (I once watched an entire season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in a day; I’m very proud of myself for that). Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s nothing better than coming home and lounging about in front of the telly, but I knew that I could be doing so much more with my introvert time; using it much more wisely. So I began to read. I began to read books on my two favourite subjects: feminism and being an introvert, and I loved it. I used to read all the time when I was younger, I was an avid Jacqueline Wilson fan. Everytime I had a new book of hers, the first thing I would do would be to open the page that listed all the books she’d ever written and I would tick off all the ones I had read, it was very satisfying. At one point I was able to put a tick next to every book on that list – definitely my inner judger coming out (I’ll explain what a judger, as opposed to a perceiver, is in a later post- or you could Google it?).

After reading these books, the feminist and introvert ones (trying not to sound cheesy here), I felt empowered and encouraged to write about what I believed in. I suppose I naturally linked writing with a book, so that’s what I did. I planned out a 12 chapter book on feminism and female empowerment, I researched and began to write. I didn’t get very far, only about halfway through chapter two, when I realised that this could take me a while, and I wanted to be able to share my thoughts as soon as I could. And so I found myself here, Googling things I didn’t even know were a thing, like a host website to get my blog online. I soon realised that blogging was a whole world of it’s own, and a world that I was keen to get into.

So like I’ve mentioned, the main two topics that I’ll mostly write about are feminism and introverts. If you’re not familiar with either of these terms then have a read of the following (these are my own definitions so please feel free to disagree, or hopefully agree…):

  • Introvert – an introvert can be defined as a person who recharges and gaines energy by being alone, they don’t have a problem with socialising but too much of it can be draining. They tend to think inwardly and might not always offer their ideas straight away in a group discussion as they’re still perfecting their ‘perfect thought’. Introverts can often be mistaken for being shy or anxious, and some very much can be, but it can’t be a certain link.


  • Extrovert- an extrovert is essentially the opposite of an introvert. They recharge and gain energy by being around others. This doesn’t mean they want to be doing this all the time, just like an introvert doesn’t want to be alone all the time, but this is where they feel most comfortable. Extroverts tend to speak their thoughts, if asked what their opinion is on something, they will tend to vocalise the first thought that comes in to their head; allowing you to hear their thought process- as opposed to an introvert, whose thought process is tucked away inside their mind.


  • Feminism- A lot of people think that as feminism has the phrase -‘fem’ (as in female) in it, that the feminist cause purely is there to help women. Partly true. Only because women have had to endure years of unfair treatment whilst men have been the dominant gender. To me, feminism means making sure that ALL genders are treated equally, it’s not about one being superior to the other, it’s about living in a world where someone shouldn’t feel like their gender is a barrier to them.

So I think that’s all you need to know for now. I suppose I’m just going to figure out this blog as it goes along, I’m not promising anything special, but I’ll try my best. Thanks for reading this far, I’ll probably try to post once a week, but if I don’t, then soz.

By the way I’m very sarcastic, you might read something that sounds rude, it isn’t, it’s just that you can’t hear my sarcastic tone of voice.



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