‘Friends’ Characters – What are Their Personality Types?

Introvert Blogs / Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

If you haven’t seen the TV show Friends yet, then stop reading this blog, stop reading it immediately. Go onto Netflix and start binge watching it. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Without a doubt, Friends is one of my all time favourite TV shows, as soon as I saw the first episode, I was hooked. I once watched the entire 10 seasons within a month, with 1 season being watched within a day. Proud was an understatement. I loved the sarcasm, the 90s dress sense, Chandler’s awkwardness, Monica’s organisation, Phoebe’s weirdness, Joey’s bachelor lifesense and Ross’… well, let’s just say I’m not the biggest Ross fan in the world. Apologies if I’ve offended anyone there.

As such a big Friend’s fan, I loved getting to know their individual personalities and seeing how they grew as people over the 10 years. So it isn’t surprising that I would eventually combine and blog about two of my favourite subjects – Friends and personality types. I’ve done a bit of research and thinking, and have come up with the Myers Briggs personality types which I feel fits the Friend’s characters best. If you need a refresher on the different Myers Briggs personality types then you can read my previous blog on them here.

Monica Geller – ESTJ

Let’s start with my all time favourite Friends character – Monica E Geller/Bing. As much as I love Monica and resonate with her the most, her Myers Briggs is actually quite different to mine, apart from the Judging. Monica loves to be around people, she’s never shied away from having a flatmate and is rarely seen alone. Monica has been referred to as an aunt who is great at ‘indoor organised activities’, she’s seen as the sensible one who likes facts and details. Monica is mainly known for her cleanliness and organisation. She once cross categorised all of her photos and jumped at the chance to make a folder of alphabetised job options for Chandler; for which, I love her for.

Phoebe Buffay – ENFP

Phoebe is amazing, her weirdness is one of a kind. I feel like she’s one of those people who you’d immediately become best friends with on a night out. Being around people is her thing, she loves to find out about people and finds them endlessly interesting. Phoebe is a textbook ‘N’, she loves to think of all the possible possibilities, imagines crazy scenarios and, as I would put it, can often be ‘away with the fairies’. Phoebe has a very sensitive side, she cares deeply about other people; how her actions can affect them and always putting others first. Unfortunately, I feel like I could never live with Phoebe, I’d love her as a person but I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with her impromptu attitude.

Chandler Bing – ISFP

Oh Chandler, what a cutie. For some reason, I find that his awkwardness around women is very sweet and concerning. I would definitely put him down as an introvert, there a few scenes where he is seen in his flat, alone, and in the early series he is happily eating lunch alone at work. He can also sometimes get tongue tied when tired – a common symptom of an introvert hangover. I see Chandler as a sensor, probably due to his main job throughout the seasons, in ‘Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration’ (or a ‘Transponster’ as Rachel once put it), a job which would seem to entail quite a figurative mind. Chandler is definitely a feeler, he can sense when a situation is awkward and will try to cope with it by bringing some humour to the floor. It’s said that opposites attract, and this is definitely the case for Monica and Chandler, Monica is a judger and Chandler a perceiver, he is much less organised, will generally not mind if his flat is messy and will definitely leave some tasks until the last minute. How Monica copes with this, I do not know…

Rachel Green – ENFP

Ah, Rachel Green, probably one of the most popular characters in the show. I think she’s probably most popular as she’s a definite extrovert. Like Monica, she always seems to be around people, with evenings filled with dates or social events. Due to Rachel’s high powered career, I see her as intuitive. She has lots of new ideas and is always dreaming big. Rachel is one of those people who loves others, she loves to see them thriving and at their best, hence, I think she’s a feeler. One letter that I could 100% apply to Rachel was ‘P’. This shines out most when she’s living with Monica as they are complete polar opposites. Monica wants Rachel to eat cookies over the sink and always leave the ‘phone pen’ next to the phone. Rachel, couldn’t care less.

Joey Tribbiani – ESFP

I love Joey. He has such a cute, ‘I would do anything for my friends’ side to him, but I don’t entirely agree with the way he treats women. I’d definitely put Joey down as an extrovert. He’s always in and out of the other apartment, one scene shows him lingering around Monica and Chandler in their apartment, before Monica invites him in to wait with them before they go and see a movie, as he doesn’t want to wait on his own. As an introvert, I can’t relate to this one bit. Joey loves to gain experience from doing things himself, he’s not always the sharpest tool in the box, but he has realised that he loves finding things out himself. For example, Joey only had $50 to buy an encyclopedia, he bought the letter ‘V’ and quickly became an expert on all things which began with a ‘V’ e.g. vomit and volcanoes.Joey is very much a feeler, he puts his friend’s needs first and will always make sure he has their back. He’s also definitely a perceiver. He doesn’t care whether his food is spilt on the floor and will make a stain, and he won’t tend to check the dates on tickets. He once made Chandler feel guilty about spending time with Monica when Joey wanted to go to a Nicks’ game with him. Only to find out that the tickets were for the next day.

Ross Geller – ISTJ

Unpopular opinion, but I can’t stand Ross Geller. There are times when he is lovely, like when he bought Phoebe a bike, or tried to go to the prom with Rachel as her date didn’t arrive. However, the majority of the time, I just don’t like him. There are times when he annoys me a lot, a lot a lot. Like when he didn’t want his son Ben to play with a Barbie doll or when he interrupted Monica and Chandler having dinner, didn’t ask whether he could join and just sat down and began to eat. Back to Ross’ personality though. I see Ross as an introvert, the majority of the time, he lives in his apartment on his own and is perfectly fine with that. Ross is a paleontologist, he has a doctorate in it in fact, and his whole working life is based on finding evidence from the past and proving that it’s fact. Based on this, I definitely see him as a sensor. I also put this down to why I see him as a thinker too. If you look at Ross’ apartment and his general outlook on life, he seems like his sister, to a lesser extent, but still quite similar. He’s just pretty neat and organised. Which to me, puts him down as a judger.

So that’s my opinions on the Friends’ characters and their personality types. They probably aren’t 100% accurate, as for that, the characters themselves would have to take a Myers Briggs test, and as upsetting as it is, unfortunately, they aren’t real people; so it won’t happen. Sad times.


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