A VERY Short Introduction to Myers Briggs

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As you may have guessed, Myers Briggs is a person. She’s a woman in fact. Isabel Myers Briggs was born in 1897. Her mother, Katherine, was already very interested in human behaviour and expanding her own knowledge. Katherine and Isabel lived in a time where a woman’s place was primarily in the home, looking after […]


The Introvert Hangover

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First of all, I’ve told a lot of people about the ’introvert hangover’ and the usual response I get is ‘you’re joking, that’s not a thing’. Except it is, Google it. So you’re at a summer festival, or on a summer holiday with your family and it gets to about day 4, you’re with people […]


How I Realised I Was an Introvert

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To be honest, when I first started to plan this post, I didn’t think I actually had many memories of being an introvert when I was a child. But the more I thought about it, the more I saw how my introversion was always present, I just didn’t know there was a word for it. […]


Things I Wish You Knew About My Introversion

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*side note* (I feel like the phrase ‘My Introversion’ sounds like a disease…)   Being an introvert is great (for me anyway). I love my alone time, I love recharging by myself and I love having deep meaningful conversations with people (as opposed to just small talk). However, some of the time I feel like […]